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Spring | San Jose, CA and the Bay Area, CA | Leale's

Spring Greetings from Leale's RV

Go Solar

Did you know?

  • Solar panels charge your RV “house” batteries.
  • Solar panels are always hooked up to “house” batteries.
  • A lot of people don’t have room at home to store their coaches, and many storage facilities don’t have plug-in capabilities. The result…..dead batteries.
  • Solar power helps keep your house battery charged so you have power when you need it, whether your RV is stored or if you are dry camping.
  • With solar panels, as long as the RV house battery is fully charged, solar panels help keep it at full charge.
  • Solar helps you save on costs to replace batteries.
  • If your chassis battery goes dead, and your house battery is fully charged, you can still start your RV.
  • Installed solar panel.

Why consider solar?

  • Have a free and inexhaustible power supply.
  • You don’t need to depend totally on electric hookups.
  • You don’t have to rely on gas-powered generators.
  • No need for maintenance on your solar panels other than periodic dusting.
  • Extend the life of your RV’s batteries.
  • And finally, help preserve the environment.

What can Leale’s do for you? We sell and install solar panel systems. Our experts coach you through the process. They will also provide installation suggestions for maximizing solar panel efficiency. All you have to do is enjoy your time with your energy efficient motor home.

For more information on solar panels and batteries for your RV:
Contact our solar system experts at 408-286-5353

It’s all about the parts!

Searching for the right part can often be a daunting task. Take the easy way; just go to Tammy at Leale’s. If we don’t already have it in our comprehensive parts inventory, she can find just about any part for you. Whether it’s “after market” or “manufacturer specific” for your coach, she can get it, and get it quickly.

If a part is no longer available, Leale’s fabrication experts will make one.

For all your parts needs:
Contact Tammy, Leale’s Parts Department
408 286-5353

Contact Tammy, Leale’s Parts Department | San Jose, CA and the Bay Area, CA | Leale's

If a part is needed, Tammy will get it.

RV camping tip

Hate those flies?

Did you know that fresh mint and basil are natural fly repellents? Decorate your RV with a live basil or mint plant. Or both. When those pesky flies interfere with your delightful trip, just rub leaves from either plant on your skin. It will keep the flies away, naturally, and you will end up smelling nice and fresh too. Lavender is another natural fly repellent. Just dab a little lavender oil on your wrists or other exposed areas. Good bye flies!


Rally at Leale’s!

All RV clubs are invited to visit the Leale’s facility, take a tour, and share important information.

If your club is interested in hosting a rally at Leale’s, please contact Babette Shelton.

(408) 286-5353

And now……a word from our customers

"If you need to have your RV fixed or checked, I highly recommend Leale’s RV. Brought my RV there to have it checked since I did not know what’s wrong with it. They were able to find the problem right away and had it fixed for me for an affordable price. I was impressed on how great their facility was and how friendly the people are. I was very satisfied. "

Dee A.

Call now for your
Leale's free visual safety inspection!


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