Newsletter November ​2014
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RV Roof Maintenance, Inspection, and Repair

You may rarely look at it, but don’t forget that your roof needs ongoing maintenance and care, just like the rest of your coach. Damaged roofs are among the most costly RV repairs.

How do RV roofs get damaged?

  • The #1 cause of damage is the sun.
  • The #2 cause is rain – water leaks happen if roofs are not continuously maintained and sealed properly.
  • Lack of overall maintenance.
  • Trees.
  • “Pilot error” – make sure you measure the height of your RV from the highest point.

Examples of RV roof damage:


Indoor storage and RV covers help preserve roofs.

Roof inspection and maintenance

Most repairs can be prevented by good ongoing inspection and maintenance. Visual inspection and cleaning are recommended every three months for all types of RV roofs to ensure there are no cracks that can eventually end up as leaks in the interior.

A good time for a roof inspection is every Spring and Fall. And since it’s Fall and the beginning of the rainy season, have your roof inspected now

Three types of RV roofs

Inspect and maintain:

  • Rubber
    Rubber roofs should be inspected, cleaned, and conditioned with UV protection to extend the membrane’s life.
  • Fiberglass
    Because they get brittle from sunlight, they can crack, especially when walked on.
    Keep the roof clean, check seams, AC gaskets, vents, and skylight sealant.
  • Aluminum

Check seams and vents.

Vents, vent covers, and fans

  • Check vent covers on all types of roofs every three months.
  • Replace covers when brittle, even before broken.
  • Carefully inspect seals/gaskets around all roof vents, roof air conditioners, and skylights.

Roof repair/reconstruction/replacement by Leale’s

Roof repair

  • Fix leaks and sealant where needed.
  • Replace vent lids, skylights, and rooftop AC gaskets.
  • Patch tears in rubber roof membranes. Clean and condition membrane and reseal all seams and vents.

Total roof replacement

  • Level of repair or replacement needed is determined by inspection.
  • Can replace all types of RV roofs.
  • Replace wood “base” where necessary.
  • Reinstall either rubber or fiberglass material.
  • Replace vents, and/or vent lids if needed.
  • Replace or reseal all seams and gaskets.


  • Sealant is used on all roof seams and around vents.
  • Can spot seal bad areas or reseal entire unit.
  • Full roof reseal = strip all old sealant off and reseal all seams and vents.

Free roof inspection

Get ready for the rainy season; have Leale’s do a professional inspection on your RV roof so you can avoid the need to repair it.

Ready to fire up that furnace?

Winter weather is on the way. Avoid getting caught in the cold by making sure your RV furnace is working efficiently and safely.

Leale’s recommends having a full service done annually and at least a quick service before long trips that will require using the furnace.

Full RV Furnace Service (annual)

  • Test operation.
  • Remove furnace unit and test to make sure it works (bench test).
  • Clean the orifice and burner.
  • Check and clean all electrical connections.
  • Reassemble and reinstall furnace unit.
  • Re-test operation.

Quick furnace service (before big trips)

  • Test operation.
  • Blow out exhaust intake.
  • Visually inspect entire unit.
  • Check and clean all visible electrical connections.
  • Re-test operation.

Have your furnace inspected by Leale’s expert technicians.

RV Camping Tip

RVs have tiny bathroom vanities and no real counter space, so here’s a great idea for toothbrush holders. They’re hidden on the inside of a cupboard door, easy to get to, and removable.


1 inch-wide PVC pipe
PVC pipe end caps (one for each holder)
“Command” hooks
Vinyl or stickers for letters
PVC pipe cutter

Cut pipe into four 5-inch sections (one for each holder).

Drill a hole ½ inch from the end. This hole will be on the back side, where there may be printing on the pipe. Wash the pipes.

Cut vinyl initials or use stickers to label each holder.
Add end caps – no need to glue them on.

Install “Command” hooks on the inside of the cabinet door, letting them set for about an hour before hanging the holders.

From Stephanie Paxman, ”Crafting in the Rain.”

It's all about the parts

Never replace another vent lid.

Ventmate now offers a “Lifetime Warranty” vent lid. See coupon below for a special offer on these vent lids.

Help for families in Need

Leale’s has partnered with Cityteam Ministries to help local families in need. We have a collection barrel in our lobby for food donations. When you drop by Leale’s during the next few weeks, please bring food items for this very important effort to give help and hope to men, women, children, and families in crisis in Santa Clara County.

We, at Leale’s, thank you for your kindness and generosity.

And now……a word from our customers.

"This is our second trip to Leale’s for servicing and needed maintenance. Both times we were very happy with both the service rendered and the people involved. Leale’s will continue to be our place to go and we will recommend Leale’s to all our friends."

Eugene K.9

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