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It's still winter...let's go camping!

"Off season" is a good reason.

Giving up the warmth of summer camping for the possibilities of great off-season RV adventures can be very appealing.

Off season RVing in late winter or early spring. Pack your RV and head for the snow.

A few benefits of cold weather camping:

  • Outdoor recreation is booming and RVing has become more popular than ever, with a big increase since the recession in the early 2000s.
  • No bugs, no bug bites - imagine camping without swatting at mosquitoes and flies. How nice would that be?
  • A different view - don't forget the beautiful, "winter wonderland" scenery.
  • How about those winter sports?
  • No crowds - If you're not into waiting in long lines at attractions and other places tourists tend to gather, cold weather season is the time for you to visit all those popular destinations without long lines and huge crowds.
  • Less sweat and burn. It's easier to enjoy many activities without the discomfort of sweltering heat. Snuggling in a cozy warm RV with hot chocolate might just be one of the best perks of winter camping.

Keep the interior dry.

While winter camping can be a lot of fun, it can also present a few challenges. One of those challenges is dealing with interior moisture.

With cold weather camping comes condensation. This happens when water vapor in the air cools down to become a liquid. That liquid sticks to cold surfaces like windows, metal, and other glass surfaces and anything that is cooler than the warm water vapor.

Water condensation on inside RV window.

Unfortunately, excess moisture from condensation can cause problems in your RV like:

  • Mold.
  • Rotten wood.
  • Corroded metallic parts.
  • Peeling paper surfaces.
  • A feeling of dampness.

Fortunately, there are several ways to reduce condensation in your RV:

  • Open a window just a crack.
    Do this to let in a little bit of outside air. It reduces the humidity and therefore reduces condensation. (Probably not a good idea if it's raining outside.)
  • Use exhaust fans.
    Do this when cooking or showering because both throw water vapor into the air. Use your exhaust fan to pull that water out of the air. And be sure to wipe down bathroom mirrors and kitchen windows on those chilly days.
  • Increase the interior temperature.
    Even just a few degrees warmer can help to keep moisture off surfaces.
  • Cover pots and pans.
    Steam from cooking increases humidity which turns into condensation in your RV.
  • Dry clothes outside or at a laundromat.
    You know where all that water goes as your clothes dry…right into the air. As the clothes dry, when the temperature drops and the air cools, you will get condensation.
  • Use dehumidifiers.
    These small appliances are great for pulling moisture out of the air. Just two things to remember: they use a lot of energy to run and be sure to empty the holding tank frequently.

Wipe moisture off interior glass surfaces.

  • Wipe damp surfaces.
    Use a dry cloth to wipe moisture off interior surfaces like windows, countertops, and tables.
  • Use a commercial dehumidifier product.
    Easy-to-find and simple products like “Damp Rid” are also easy to use. For example, the container of calcium chloride crystals trap extra moisture in the air. And you can put it just about anywhere out of the way in your RV. Easy to refill too.
  • Install window insulation.
    This puts a greater buffer between the outside cold air and the inside warm air. As a result, raising the temperature of the window surface helps prevent condensation. There are several different options for this, including DIY(do-it-yourself).

Try some of these suggestions for reducing condensation. Remember, less interior moisture will help extend the life your RV and its components by preventing rot, mold, and corrosion while giving you a more comfortable cold weather camping experience.

2018 Leale's calendars are available.

Leale's 2018 customer calendar.

Our third calendar publication is here. This year’s theme is “traveling with Larry, our Leale’s tech.” We still have plenty of calendars, so stop by and pick one up. We’d love to see you.

Spoiler alert: Larry had a great time traveling with our customers, as you can see in our calendar!”

Don't forget Larry!

If you don’t have your very own “Larry” and would like to take him on your next trip, just give us a call or contact us through our website and we will send him to you. We wouldn’t want you to miss out on all the fun our customers are having photographing Larry while he travels with them.

Larry, the Leale’s Tech.

We are going to feature Larry in our 2019 calendar too. Watch for more upcoming photo contest information. In the meantime, take photos of him wherever you travel. We can’t wait to see your “Larry” pictures, so please keep sending them throughout the year.

Request Appointments Online!

Contacting Leale’s is easy. You can give us a call or request appointments online through our Website too. There you can also contact us with questions or comments. Even write a review!

For all parts of our business:

  • RV service & repair
  • RV customization
  • RV collision center
  • RV storage

2017 Leale's customer photo contest winners.

Thanks to each of you who participated in our photo contest for this year’s calendar. We hope you had as much fun as Larry did, because from your photos it certainly looks like somebody was having fun.

The 2017 Leale’s photo contest winners are:

Cover - Jim Dunham
January – Andy Francis
February – Ken Sweezey
March – Wayne J.
April – Tammy & Rob Heimgartner
May – Apiradee Tabcum
June – Steve Francis
July – Andy & Steve Francis
August – Michel & Joan deCesare
September – Ray Chavez
October – Russell Fergason
November – Jan & Mike Sanders
December – Sophia Remington

We’re looking forward to lots of wonderful shots of Larry for our next year’s calendar too (2019). Let us know where Larry has been in his travels with you.

Special RV service offers for March:

RV Special:

  • $200 off any RV customization job of $1,000 or more.
  • $299 for standard pre-trip inspection.

Free Monthly RV Service:

  • Free RV oil change with any pre-trip inspection.

(Above special offers valid through March 31,2018.)

Remember your tow vehicle.

Remember that you can also get expert automotive care at Leale’s Transmission and Auto Repair facility.

For high-quality, fast service for your car, contact Leale's Transmission and Auto Repair: (408) 286-5353

Leale’s RV customers will receive a Free Auto oil change (for your car) with any automotive service over $300. Offer good through March 31, 2018. Mention special newsletter offer when making your auto appointment. Call Leale’s Transmission and Auto Repair at (408) 286-5350. Not valid with any other offer.

Tips from our technicians.

You can easily keep your RV in good condition if you do just a few simple things… During the off seasons when you’re not using your RV very much, be sure to give it a quick preventative exam at least once a month. Also, make sure everything works properly.

  • Check for leaks around the windows.
  • Check the roof.
  • Turn on all electrical appliances and lights.
  • Make sure the propane is not leaking. While you’re there, turn it on, and the water heater too.
  • Check the plumbing to make sure nothing is clogged or leaking.

A great way to do this is to actually use your RV periodically. If it’s in a place that is accessible to you, have a sleepover with your kids and their friends. Or a family game night. Or a movie night. Pop some popcorn and enjoy your RV right where it is. This will give you the “excuse” to check things out to help prevent future problems down the road. It’s a good way to make sure “all systems are go” when you’re ready to take that next trip.

RV camping tip.

Storage tips at your Command.

If you have an RV, you know that can mean you probably have a storage challenge. One great idea for dealing with keeping essential items handy is using “Command” hooks.

Use Command hooks for interior RV storage.

They can be used in several places to organize your RV:

  • As a towel hook by bathroom or kitchen sinks.
  • Hang oven mitts or pot holders by the stove.
  • Hang dollar store plastic baskets by beds to hold all sorts of stuff, especially children’s things.
  • Hang up your Leale’s calendar on the outside or inside of a cupboard door.

"And now....a word from our customers."

"I had my motorhome out camping in Felton, CA when it broke down. We were 170 miles from home with an RV that was not working. I called several places but none could do the repair. Several shops recommended Leale's. I arranged a big rig tow to Leale's on Monday.

I was told the shop was backed up and it might be a week before they could get to it. Fortunately I was towing my CR-V so we could drive home. The next day I got a call from Jim Cason, my service adviser, that they checked the engine codes and found a loose “+” wire at the battery fuse block. They tightened the terminal and everything cleared. I had asked them to also change the fuel filters, transmission filter, and do an oil change. All items were completed by Wednesday and Friday I drove back to San Jose and drove the motor home back.

Leale's service was simply fantastic. I highly recommend them to anyone needing RV repairs in the Bay Area."

Fred L. Folsom, CA

Leale’s RV
2070 S. Seventh St.
San Jose, CA 95112

(408) 286-5353

(408) 286-5252