Newsletter March 2014
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Leale's and Good Sam

Great news! Leale’s is now offering the Good Sam Extended Service Plan. We’re thrilled to provide this benefit for our customers! Most RV manufacturers give only one-year warranties for their coaches. However, a Good Sam Extended Service Plan can result in a substantial reduction of your out-of-pocket repair costs over the life of your RV.
Leale’s offers the following Good Sam Service.

Plan Products:

    • Gold Motorhome
    • Gold Travel Trailer/5th Wheel
    • Gold Tow Vehicle
    • Gold Auto
    • Silver Motorhome
    • Silver Travel Trailer/5th Wheel
    • Silver Tow Service
    • Silver Auto

For more information on the plans or to receive a quote:

Contact Babette 408-286-5353

With Leale’s excellent service combined with the Good Sam Extended Service Plan, you will be able to continue to enjoy your RV at a lower cost for many years.

Rally at Leale’s

A Winnie of a Rally!

Leale’s hosted a February rally for the Lone Cypress Winnitascans. Coaches were weighed, test rides given, questions answered, and a terrific BBQ lunch served…..and great raffle prizes!

Highlights of the presentation and lively group discussion included chassis/suspension improvements, tires, and checking for window leaks (a frequent problem for Winnebago).

rally at Leale’s on February 22nd | San Jose, CA and the Bay Area, CA | Leale's

Lone Cypress Winnitascans rally at Leale’s on February 22nd.

information is shared during the group discussion | San Jose, CA and the Bay Area, CA | Leale's

Important tire information is shared during the group discussion.

discusses chassis upgrades to lessen driver fatigue and increase safety | San Jose, CA and the Bay Area, CA | Leale's

Leale’s Service Advisor, David Wood, discusses chassis upgrades to lessen driver fatigue and increase safety.

Photographs provided by Jerry Brick.


Calling all RV club members….Rally at Leale’s!

All RV clubs are invited to visit the Leale’s facility, take a tour, and share important information.

At our rallies, we:

  • Weigh your coaches.
  • Check batteries.
  • Give maintenance demonstrations.
  • Give VIP tours of our facility.
  • Provide one-on-one question and answer sessions with our certified technicians.

If your club is interested in hosting a rally at Leale’s, please contact Babette Shelton.

(408) 286-5353

Tips from our technicians

If it’s time for you to plan your next trip, be sure to include in your plans a quick check to make sure everything is working properly on your RV.

You’ve done a “walk-around” of your coach. Next, do a “once over” your everyday use items, specifically appliances, awnings, and jacks.

  • Appliances – check your appliances. When was the last time they were serviced? It is recommended that all appliances are serviced once a year. Turn each appliance on to make sure that it’s working properly. Don’t let a problem appliance put a damper on your vacation.
  • Awnings – open them. Look for tears in the fabric and make sure the motors are working.
  • Jacks – run them once. You don’t want unexpected problems.


You have an appointment

As Leale's moves into its busiest time of year, it's more important than ever to drop off your coaches at your specific appointment time.

If you can't make your original appointment, please call us to reschedule.


RV camping tip

Protect outdoor RV power cords with a simple bucket trick.

Try this effective and inexpensive way to protect your power cord connections from ground moisture and rain.

  • All you need is a plastic bucket that’s wide enough to house an RV power cord electrical connection.
  • Make two holes directly across from each other near the bottom of the bucket.
  • Make the holes large enough to allow a cord connection (plug) to fit through.
  • Thread the two ends of the RV power cord together inside the bucket and flip it over to that the bottom of the bucket protects the connection like an umbrella.
  • The RV power cord will now stay suspended off the ground and protected from water.
  • Use a twist tie on each side to prevent water from dripping down the cord.

And now……a word from our customers

"What a great experience. I needed a part and Tammy tracked it down and worked very hard to get it to me. Amazing service. I now have a new RV resource! "

Laurie C., Pleasanton, CA

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