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Immediate drop-off appointments available!

Just a little prep for pleasant Autumn RVing.

With the changing leaves and cooler nights, fall festivals in little towns across the country, the fall season offers several advantages over the summer RV camping season.

  • Crowds are less.
  • Weather is much more pleasant.
  • There are less bugs.
  • Fall landscapes can be breathtaking.
  • Crops are being harvested.
  • Fall festivals are everywhere.
  • Lower RV park rates.
  • RV parks are less crowded and it's easier to get reservations at your favorites.

When you give the autumn RV Season a try, here a few tips to help make it a comfortable and memorable trip:

Prepare yourself and your RV:

  • Make sure your desired destination will be open in the "off" season.
  • Double check tire pressure, brakes and towing systems to be prepared for possible cold weather or slippery roads.
  • If you find yourself in slippery and dangerous conditions, be safe and wait until those conditions improve before you go on.
  • Make sure you know how to operate your heating system if you've never used it
  • before.
  • Make sure your heating system is checked out before your trip. Call Leale's.
  • Be prepared to protect your RV's water systems in case you experience freezing temps while camping. Know how to disconnect water lines from tanks and drain them to prevent damage to your RV's water and waste systems.
  • Plan comfort food in your meal menus.
  • Check out RV camping organization websites, like for great locations.
  • Plan for autumn activities by bringing along the right supplies and equipment, like fishing gear, hiking boots, etc.
  • Pack warm clothes and clothes you can layer. Boots, warm socks, sweaters, jackets...all those clothing items you wouldn't bring along in the summer.
  • Extra sleeping bags and warm blankets are good too.
  • Don't forget a well-stocked emergency kit.

Santa and Toys for Tots at Leale's!

In the spirit of the upcoming holidays, Leale's staff wanted to find a way to give something special to our customers and our community. So, Santa is coming to Leale's RV!

Mark your calendars: Saturday, December 8th
Leale's RV

Bring your children, grandchildren, and of course your little furry babies (pets) to have their pictures taken with Santa. Get a photo and goodies and a touch of holiday spirit.

Toys for Tots.....We're excited to announce that Leale's RV is an official drop-off center for this year's Toys for Tots drive.

So, come on over, bring a new unwrapped toy for a boy or a girl, any age, and get those photos with Santa.

Toys for Tots is a program run by the United States Marine Corps Reserve which distributes toys to children whose parents cannot afford to buy them gifts for Christmas.


Rainy season is just around the next bend in the road, so now is the time to get your RV ready for it. We recommend that you have these four things checked before wet weather problems develop:


  • Wipers
  • Tires
  • Brakes
  • Roofs

Call for an appointment for your free roof inspection: (408) 286-5353



Get ready for the rainy season; have your RV roof inspected at Leale's for:

  • Cracks
  • Leaks
  • Cracked Sealant
  • Vent Problem
  • Skylight conditions
  • Soft spots
  • Overall roof condition

Don't forget Larry!

We woudn't want you to miss out on all the fun our customers are having photographing Larry while he travels with them.

If you don't have your very own "Larry" and would like to take him on your next trip, just give us a call or send a message to

Larry, the Leale's Tech.

Larry will be featured in our 2019 calendar, and our new photo contest begins January 1, 2019 for the 2020 calendar. For Photo contest information, go to:

Take photos of him wherever you travel. We can't wait to see your "Larry" pictures, so please keep sending them throughout the year.

(Landscape orientation for your photos works best.)

2018 Customer Photo Contest Ends November 2nd.

Thank you to everyone who sent photos for the 2018 Leale's RV Customer Photo Contest. If you still have that one or two special shots you haven't sent yet, go ahead and get them to us right away. We will be selecting the final shots for out 2019 calendar next week.

Send to:

Photo contest winners will be announced in our next newsletter.

Note: It looks like Larry had quite the time traveling with our customers during this past year.

Request appointments online.

Immediate drop-off appointments available!

Contacting Leale's is easy. You can give us a call or request appointments online through our Website too.

There you can also contact us with questions or comments. Even write a review! For all parts of our business:

  • RV service & repair
  • RV customization
  • RV collision center
  • RV storage

Special RV service offers for November:

RV Specials:

  • RV Furnace Special - $99
  • RV Special for Vets - 20% off labor (up to $250)

Free Monthly RV Service:

  • Free Leale's RV Visual Inspection.
  • Free Roof Inspection.

(Above special offers valid through November 30, 2018.)

Remember to check your Leale's calendar for monthly special offers.

Interested in attending a "Suspension Workshop"?

Got some sway in your drive?

Got some wiggle in the rear?

How about that porpoising?

Do you want your RV to handle better?

To help you get the most out of your RV experience, we're starting a new customer workshop program at Leale's RV. Our goal is to give our customers the opportunity to learn directly from our staff and from each other about different aspects of their RVs.


Our first workshop will be on RV suspension. Are you interested?

Weekday (TBD) 10 am – noon (with lunch to follow) At Leale's RV in San Jose (Bring your coach to discuss your specific needs.)

If you would like to attend this workshop (as our guest), please reply to:

Use the message, “Yes I’m interested in the Suspension Workshop.” Include your name, phone number, and email address.

(This specific workshop is not for RV owners who already have solid suspension setups. It's for those who have not yet addressed their suspension issues.)

RV Camping Tip.

It doesn't matter what time of the year you're camping, bugs are a bother. Here's an idea for a homemade, non-toxic solution to the mosquito problem:

Mosquito Campsite Spray

Contents: Large bottle of cheap blue mouthwash

  • Large bottle of cheap blue mouthwash.
  • 3 cups of Epsom salt.
  • 3 stale 12 ounce cans/bottle of cheap beer.

Mix the ingredients together until salt is dissolved.

Spray anywhere you sit outside, around your camp area (also great for your yard when you're home). It will not harm flowers or other plants.

It'll keep mosquitoes away from the area for about 80 days. Twice during the summer usually works well. Mosquitoes and other bugs hate it for some reason. But for humans, it has a pleasant mint fragrance.

Put it in a spray bottle and take it with you on your next camping trip.

- Marcia (Pinterest)

Just joking around.

Bob and Ted were taking a vacation in Ted's new Winnebago. As usual, they'd become lost and were wandering around a strange town trying to find the highway. Ted was just starting down a grade to go under a bridge when he slams on the brakes.

Bob: "What the heck did you do that for, Ted?"

Ted: "That sign there says, 'Low Bridge. No Vehicles Over Twelve Feet High.' This here RV Is thirteen feet!"

Bob: "Good grief, Ted, there ain't no cops around. Just hit the gas pedal and go for it!"

"And now....a word from our customers"

"With the changing leaves and cooler nights, fall festivals in little towns across the country, the fall season offers several advantages over the summer RV camping season."

-Rob Jaworski

Remember your tow vehicle.

Remember that you can also get expert automotive care at Leale's Transmission and Auto Repair facility.

For high-quality, fast serive for your car, contact Leale's Transmission and Auto Repair: (408) 286-5350


Have a club rally at Leale's!

There is no rally like a Leale’s rally, so come rally with us. All RV clubs are invited to visit the Leale’s facility, take a tour, and share important information.

If your club is interested in hosting a rally at Leale’s, please contact Babette Shelton. (408) 286-5353

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