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El Nino proof your RV.

Are you ready for the upcoming rainy season? We are. Let us help you get ready too.

Meteorologists are predicting rainy weather on the horizon. While everyone is hoping it will indeed be a very wet winter, it’s extremely important for RV owners to be prepared.

First: Inspect

A leading cause of damage to RVs is water. Avoid costly repairs by making sure your roof, vents, and windows are not leaking.

  • Check your entire RV for leaks.
  • Inspect the roof. Leale’s will do a free visual roof inspection for you.
  • Also check the seals around roof vents, skylights, etc.​

Check For Cracked Sealant | San Jose, CA and the Bay Area, CA | Leale's

Check for cracked sealant around roof vents, skylights, etc.

  • Inspect the ceiling and light fixtures inside the RV for water damage from a leaky roof.
  • Look closely at windows/windshield.
  • Use the Seal Tech water leak test: a comprehensive leak inspection by Leale’s. Call for details.

Water Leaks | San Jose, CA and the Bay Area, CA | Leale's

Seal Tech water leak test. Bubbles indicate a leak.

Second: Weatherize

One of the most important aspects of weatherizing RVs is weather stripping. This involves seals and gaskets. And they are all over the RV!

  • Roof
  • Slideouts
  • Windows
  • Other vents (roof, etc.)

Replacing worn or cracked seals and fixing all current and potential leaks now will save you on expensive repair costs later.

Contact us to set up an appointment for all your weatherizing needs.
(408) 286-5353

Where the rubber meets the road.

Watch out for tire failure!

Hot weather is very hard on tires. During this recent period of hot weather we’ve noticed an increase in tire failure.


It’s very important to have your tires checked, so come in for a tire inspection.

Leale’s will:

  • Do an on-site visual check of tire condition and tire dates.
  • Work closely with our trusted local tire supplier to make sure you get the best tire solutions for your needs.

RV show season begins.

This is the time of year for several RV shows taking place around the country. Our very own Parts Manager, Tammy, wrote an article for the Mobile RVing Website on how to get the most out of RV shows. For the full article, go to:

Our new Website

Remember to check out our brand new Website!


We would love your feedback.

  • Go to our Website:
  • Browse through the site.
  • On the “Contact Us” page, let us know what you think.

Leale's photo contest


Our contest IS ON! And we’re getting wonderful photos from our customers.

But we want more! Especially photos with RVs in them. So please share your photos with us!

Where will the photos be used?

On our website, in our newsletter, and on our Leale’s 2016 calendar.

Contest guidelines:

Send us your photos of:

  • Scenery, points of interest, sunsets, sunrises, mountains, deserts…… whatever you find interesting or beautiful during your travels (with or without RVs)
  • Any season, different seasons (with or without RVs)
  • RVs with people in the photo
    We’re looking for people having fun with their RVs. Especially families. Multiple generations would be wonderful!
  • RVs in different settings, or just good shots of your RV, without people.
  • Your RV or other RVs with cars near them
  • RVs by themselves, or near other RVs
  • Traveling with your pets

How the contest works:

  • No limit to the number of photos you submit. More is better.
  • No limit to your creativity.
  • Captions. Include a caption for each photo (what, where, who). If you have an interesting story to go with a photo, tell us.
  • Send the largest file size you have.
  • Send photos by email to
    In your message, include this statement: “I give Leale’s permission to publish this (these) photos in the following places: Leale’s newsletter, Leale’s website, Leale’s calendar.”
  • Contest ends October 31, 2015.
  • Contest winners will be announced in November.

The top 13 winners will go on our 2016 calendar...
Of course there will be prizes!

Leale's is now certified for Nationwide Insurance claims.

Leale’s RV has been awarded the status of Authorized “On Your Side” Specialty Repair Service Facility by Nationwide Insurance. Certified repairs are guaranteed.

In addition to Nationwide, Leale’s accepts all insurance. We receive claims daily for carriers such as Allstate, Progressive, Geico, Mercury and many more.

RV Camping Tip

Hillbilly washing machine

While some of the newer motor homes have on-board laundry facilities, many RVs do not. So here’s a great idea for a low-tech solution to those urgent clothes washing needs while you’re traveling and between laundromat stops.

  • Get a suitable bucket. Buckets with covers work best because you can use it with the cover on to avoid splashing.
  • Next, you will need a traditional-style toilet plunger. If your plunger has an inside flap, cut that away. For better washing efficiency and to prevent overly sudsy wash water, cut six quarter-sized holes around the plunger’s perimeter.
  • Put laundry detergent in the bucket (about half of what you would use in your regular washer).
  • Fill the bucket half full of water (type of clothes determines water temperature).
  • Put in the clothes. Put on the lid. Start plunging.
  • To rinse, use the same process without the detergent.
  • Store detergent in the bucket.

-- Information from “refashionista” on Pinterest

And now.... a word from our customers.

"I had my motor home out camping in Felton, CA when it broke down. We were 170 miles from home with an RV that was not working. I called several places but none could do the repair. Several shops recommended Leale's. I arranged a big rig tow to Leale's on Monday.

I was told the shop was backed up and it might be a week before they could get to it. Fortunately I was towing my CR-V so we could drive home. The next day I got a call from Jim Cason, my service adviser, that they checked the engine codes and found a loose + wire at the battery fuse block. They tightened the terminal and everything cleared. I had asked them to also change the fuel filters, transmission filter, and do an oil change. All items were completed by Wednesday and Friday I drove back to San Jose and drove the motorhome back.

Leale's service was simply fantastic. I highly recommend them to anyone needing RV repairs in the Bay Area."

- Fred L.,
Folsom, CA

Attention RV Clubs!

There is no rally like a Leale’s rally, so come rally with us. All RV clubs are invited to visit the Leale’s facility, take a tour, and share important information.

If your club is interested in hosting a rally at Leale’s, please contact Babette Shelton.

(408) 286-5353

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