Leak detection

Is that water damage?

Last year we hoped for rain and this year we got it, and then we got some more. With all the rain we’ve had this past winter, we’re seeing a lot of RVs with damage from water leaks. It’s important to take care of those leaks right away because they can cause all kinds of problems.

Unfortunately, problems often actually appear after the rain has stopped. So, if you suspect a water leak in your RV, get it found and fixed before it leads to serious damage.

Roof leak caused extensive water damage, including the ceiling and light fixtures

At Leale’s we use a very effective leak detection system, SealTech:

  • Tests air flowing through an opening (leak).
  • The test uses soapy water that produces a bubble at the site of the leak.
  • Draws outside air into an RV through the roof vent.
  • The air is drawn in and then dispersed to create a positive interior pressure.
  • The resulting difference in air pressure between the inside and outside of the RV causes air to escape outward through any holes (leaks).
  • The soapy water solution is applied to suspicious areas resulting in visible bubbles over each leak.

Remember, RV water leaks can be tricky. The location of the actual leak is often found in a different location than where the water damage can be seen. Every RV interior design is different. However, our technicians use this method to successfully diagnose leaks.

Leale’s technicians will give your RV a comprehensive leak test using SealTech.

Call (408) 286-5353 for an appointment.

Notice the bubbles on RV exterior during the SealTech test by our technician.