With summer approaching, it’s time to get ready for those hot sunny vacation days. Get the awnings you need to keep you and your coach cool.

Check your awnings.

  • Is the fabric coming apart where they attach to the coach or do they have holes or tears?
  • Is the fabric starting to look weathered or brittle?
  • If one is torn, have you checked your others?

New colors and prints!

Add a little “pizzazz” to your RV. Come in to check out the new awning colors and prints now available.

  • Choose from the standard colors for replacements, OR
  • Select other colors, color fades and even checkered patterns. You’ll be surprised to see all the new possibilities for adding “personality” to your coach.

Metal wraps (weather seals)

Metal wraps cover your awnings when they’re rolled up so that they are protected from dirt and the elements, and they also prevent flapping while driving.

  • If your coach already has awnings, but not metal wraps, consider installing them for added protection.
  • Wraps come in colors that complement your coach.


It's time to check out those awnings

As you think about getting ready for those summer adventures, this is a good time to check the condition of your awning and slide room topper fabrics.

Awning and slide topper fabric torn and frayed.

Plan ahead: See Leale’s July calendar special: $25 off one slide topper fabric.