​Collision Center Photo Gallery

​Dinged, dented, crushed, scraped, faded, ripped, banged up, torn?
If you need it fixed, bring it to the experts at Leale’s RV Collision Center.

​Examples of the work we do in our Collision Center:

​5th Wheel collision repair

​The top of the front panel of this 5 th wheel was crushed by an obstacle. The entire front was completely rebuilt so that it looked like it just came from the factory, but is now much more sturdy than it was originally.

​Dented/scraped/crushed compartment doors

​Compartment door damage is a common problem for motorhomes. Examples of this repair process are shown here.

Trailer side collision damage

The whole side of this trailer was badly damaged. In addition to the siding, there was substantial structural damage. The floorboards and wood framing were rebuilt, and all new insulation and all new siding were installed.